Struts and Booms

Best value for the money!

Hybrid Struts

Hybrid Struts consist of composite material tubes and metallic fittings-

Our turnkey solution with the best value for the money.

Material selection and layup design according to the application and desired properties.

Tubes in filament winding, thermoplastic or prepreg technology.

Circular, rectangular or other cross section geometries.

Metallic fittings (aluminium, titanium, invar, or others).

Bonded and riveted joints qualified across a wide temperature & load range.

With threads, close-tolerance holes, bearings or other features on demand.

Surface treatment, special threads (e.g. Helicoil) and heat treatment of the metal parts on demand.

Full CFRP Struts: integral single CFRP piece with continuous fibres including the fittings.
  • Maximum lightweight
  • Dimensionally stable . No thermal expansion, insensitive to thermal cycling
  • Special DoubleZero variant with zero CTE and CME
  • Reduction of number of parts
  • Variety of interfaces

We can create hollow structures with continuous carbon fibres and only tiny openings - a unique combination.

Applications for SpaceStrut


spacecraft primary structures


launcher structures


Telescope structures


bipods/ hexapods




deployable structures


lunar and planetary lander structures


Panel-to-panel supports


... and many more!

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