Mechanical subsystems

Mechanical Subsystems

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Space Structures develops, manufactures, assembles, tests and supplies high performance mechanical subsystems for space applications, for example:

Satellite and launcher structures - Stiffness and mass performance are key

  • Primary and secondary structures
  • Integrated radiator functionalities
  • Launch vehicle adapters (LVA)
  • Rideshare structures

Human spaceflight applications (ISS, Orion, Lunar Gateway) - fracture control and human factors design to be considered

  • Primary and secondary structures
  • Internal and exernal structures
  • Rack structures

Optical Payload and other instrument structures and their sub-assemblies - dimensional stability is the main priority

  • Telescope structures
  • Optical benches
  • Bipods / Hexapods
  • Straylight baffles

Electronic Equipment housings/enclosures - good balance between structural and thermal performance required

  • Power supply, control and distribution units (PSU/PCU/PDU)
  • Data handling/processing units (DHU/DPU)
  • Batteries

And as general building blocks we also provide:

  • Sandwich panels and their assemblies
  • Struts and booms: fittings and tubes in metal or FRP
  • Monolithic FRP parts: plates cleats, brackets
  • Machined metal parts

Discover each solution in detail:

Spacecraft Structures

Every spacecraft needs a strong backbone, the primary structure. We design and supply such structures from Microsatellites to large multi-ton spacecraft. Agnostic to a particular technology we find the best compromise between performance, lead time and cost in each specific case. The result can be an assembly based on simple CNC panels or as sophisticated as carbon fibre honeycomb sandwich panels. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures all requirements are met including thermal control functions of items like radiators which have a structural and a thermal function.

Rideshare & Constellation Launch

As most satellites have become smaller in the past decade, the need for sharing the launch cost has become a main priority. We supply various structure solutions to enable the maximum amount of satellites to share a launch (slot): ESPA port multi-satellite adapters, HIVE - a modular structure family system for mounting the complete rideshare launch stack on small to medium size launchers, SPINE - a high performance structure family primarily for launching constellations of medium size satellites on large launchers.

Optical Payload Instrument Structures

Optical payloads have to be supported by structures which are dimensionally stable, i.e. that exhibit very little and then controlled deformation under varying temperatures. We are supplying turnkey solutions in this domain ranging from optical benches and bi-/hexapods to full telescope structures. We have all required key processes (bolting, riveting, bonding, alignment and measurement) and facilities for precision assembly in-house.

Enclosure Structures

Enclosures for electronic equipment have to fulfill a structural and a thermal function, preventing the sensitive electronic components from excessive vibration and heat. Our turnkey solutions include multidisciplinary structural and thermal engineering to guarantee compliant performance.

Strut and Boom Structures

Struts and booms are one of the standard structure building blocks in any space mission. We have a large qualified range of lightweight, high stiffness and dimensionally stable designs. Fittings and tubes can be in metal or fibre reinforced polymer. We elaborate custom designs for specific applications as a turnkey solution.

Sandwich panels

Another structural building block are sandwich panels. They are used for primary structures, optical benches, solar arrays and other applications that require high stiffness with low mass. We supply turnkey sandwich panel solutions including all relevant materials. A great asset is our ever increasing range of qualified insert designs, saving significant cost for our customers.

What can you expect within our expertise:

Optimised solutions

We approach each mission individually, selecting optimized solutions, that will be best suited for the specification and your business needs.

Best technologies

Our strategy is to always employ the best manufacturing technology for the given design task.

Clear plan at every stage

We deliver goals within the given constraints by breaking down the work into clearly defined work packages that come from the overall project plan.

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