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Our customers get an ESA evaluated and user friendly solution for the daily bolt verification work. SpaceBolt has been positively evaluated by the European Space Agency (ESA) in a thorough 6-month process.

The software is modular, so after choosing our product you will only pay for the features you need.

Further information about the modular structure, ESA evaluation and detailed introduction can be found on our dedicated SpaceBolt website:


General industry tool to assess the sine and random vibration analysis prediction versus test data live during testing.

SpaceVibe allows you to visualize, interpolate, scale and notch sine and random vibrations responses (transfer functions, harmonics and random vibrations), compare vibration responses (both predicted or measured) against the allowable levels (QSL, sine, PSD and RRS), overlay plots (test-vs-prediction, pre/post-resonance search), quick notch definition for sine and random vibration.

By using this tool, engineers are ready for the next vibration run in a significantly shorter time and with less risk than with using their own handmade tools. Consequently test facility cost and project risk is reduced.

Further information can be found on our dedicated website:

SpaceBolt key features

Standards-compliant calculation procedures (ESA evaluated)

Simple handling of large datasets

Multiple bolt groups, Excel interface, thousands of joints in one session.

Direct import of FEA results

NASTRAN .PCH files and plain CSV formats. Statics, sine and random loads. Thousands of loadcases are processed simultaneously in only a few seconds.

User friendly graphical user interface

Automatic reporting

All output is created in "report-ready" format and can be reported with simple copy+paste of the content of the .html output file. Takes only 10 seconds.

Database functionality

All data for bolts, nuts, inserts, material and friction coefficients configured and easily accessible. Database comes with public information. Custom information can be added by the user.

Modular structure

Only pay for the features you actually need!

Output for fracture analysis

Output for subsequent fracture analysis can be created in NASGRO format.

Responsive customer support

SpaceVibe key features

Visualize, interpolate, scale and notch sine and random vibration responses

transfer functions, harmonics and random vibration

Compare vibration responses against the allowable levels

Responses both predicted or measured vs QSL, sine, PSD and RRS.

Overlay plots

test-vs-prediction, pre/post-resonance search

Quick notch definition

for sine and random vibration

Sensor orientation check

Various file formats

Supports Nastran punch (PCH), universal 58 (UNV), and comma separated files (CSV)

User interface

Minimalistic, user friendly and fast interface (no more VBA)

Made specifically for space sector

Based on space standards ECSS-E-HB-32-26, NASA-HDBK-7004 but applicable to any industry.

Super fast

parsing hundreds of channels in seconds

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