Comet Interceptor

Spacecraft Mass: 850 kg

Orbital Altitude: 1000000 km

Launch Date: 2029

Delivered services:

Space Structures GmbH's dedicated team manufactured CFRP boom implementing an innovative fiber placement application.

The exciting expedition begins with Comet Interceptor parked in near-Earth space, patiently awaiting the approach of a yet-to-be-discovered comet from the outer edges of our solar system. Once a suitable comet is identified, our spacecraft will embark on a thrilling chase and perform a close flyby.

A true, pristine comet has yet to be encountered and explored. Such objects are difficult to target because they can only be discovered when approaching the Sun for the first time, leaving little time to plan and launch a mission to them.


All comets that have been encountered by spacecraft so far are short-period comets: objects that have approached the Sun many times, and have thus undergone changes on their surfaces, erasing their original appearance and make-up.

The Comet Interceptor mission was selected by ESA in June 2019 to reveal to us a huge amount about a long period comet, ideally one that is truly pristine, entering the inner Solar System for the first time. Although far rarer than long-period comets, Comet Interceptor will also have the capability of encountering an interstellar object passing through our Solar System if such an object is found on a suitable trajectory.

The mission proposal was submitted to the European Space Agency in March 2019 in response to ESA's call for F (Fast)-class missions, and is now undergoing development by the agency, in cooperation with the Japanese Space Agency JAXA, for launch in 2029.

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