Structure Engineering

Core competence demonstrated in more than 500 projects.

SPS uses the finite element method (FEM) to describe the behaviour of a structure from the early conceptual phase to final dimensioning in addition to analytical methods. Many years of experience with the finite element method (FEM) range from linear static analyses to complex dynamic analyses. Our standard tools are listed below. Other in-house tools maximize efficiency and minimize effort, e.g. for temperature mapping.

Our expertise includes



Simulation models based on CAD data with problem-adapted discretisation.


Mechanical analyses

  • Statics (linear and nonlinear)
  • Dynamics (modal analysis & vibration, including sine-, random- & micro-vibration)
  • Strength verifications
  • Deformation analyses (including moisture- and gravity release simulation)
  • Stability analyses (imperfection modeling where required)
  • Thermo-elastic analyses (including temperature mapping)
  • Shock Analyses (modal, transient and according to ECSS-E-HB-32-25A)
  • Vibro-acoustic (BEM & FEM)
  • Model correlation with test data
  • Model condensation (Guyan and Craig-Bampton)
  • Fatigue verifications according to ESAFATIG, EN 1993-1-9
  • Fracture mechanics analyses with ESACRACK, NASGRO
  • Optimisation

Component verification

Dedicated verification of components like:

  • Bolt verifications according to ECSS-E-HB-32-23A, VDI 2230, DIN 18800, EN 1993-1-8
  • Insert design according to ECSS-E-HB-32-22A
  • Electronic components on PCBs (Steinberg's rules)

The commercial tools that we use

Altair HyperWorks® software

Siemens Femap® software

MSC/NX Nastran software

Standards and processes followed:

ECSS-E-ST-30 standards series
ECSS-E-HB-32 handbook series
NASA-STD-5000 standards series
ECSS-Q-ST-70C standard

Discover other services:

CAD Design

Our extensive design know-how and experience helps designing complex parts and assemblies for extreme applications.

Fatigue & Fracture Control

Our team has extensive expertise in providing fatigue and fracture control for a wide variety of projects ranging from small satellites, pressurised life support systems on the ISS to secondary structures of the Orion European service module.

Test Engineering

What is the most severe environment for a spacecraft? The tests! Because of additional margins to ensure the flight environments are covered.

Get more value for the money!

Our in-house tools maximize efficiency and minimize effort, for temperature mapping, bolt verification, automated documentation.

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