Test Engineering

Testing extreme environments

Space Structures has successfully planned, lead and executed tests according to space standards ranging from material samples, covering individual parts and subassemblies all the way up to complete large satellites (3 ton class)!

This typically includes the following activities:

  • Definition of appropriate sensor systems
  • Design and sizing of test adapters, test dummies and support structures
  • Procurement and coordination of test facilities
  • Development of test procedures
  • On-site test lead engineering
  • Evaluation of test data
  • Test documentation

Type of tests that we support

Static Tests (parts and material samples)
Vibration Tests (quasi-static, sine and random)
Thermal cycling

Standards and processes followed:


Discover other services:

CAD Design

Our extensive design know-how and experience helps designing complex parts and assemblies for extreme applications.

Structure Engineering

Lightweight structures for space applications with their complex details often require more than a standard analysis. This is where our special structural engineering know-how comes in.

Fatigue & Fracture Control

Our team has extensive expertise in providing fatigue and fracture control for a wide variety of projects ranging from small satellites, pressurised life support systems on the ISS to secondary structures of the Orion European service module.

Let us help you pass your tests without failures!

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