Thermal Engineering

We simulate precisely all effects in space, including the detailed orbit simulation also outside of Earth orbits.

Thermal control of space products is an extreme challenge. Our experience helps to find a thermal design that works. Thermal Analysis includes thermal modelling (GMM/TMM) and analysis, steady state and transient, reduced models, all possible orbits and spacecraft configurations.

Consideration of all relevant boundary conditions (radiative, conductive). Consideration of thermo-optical properties (BOL, EOL). Steady state and transient heat flow analysis. Implementation of Radiators and Heatpipes as well as Single- or Multi-Layer-Insulation (SLI/MLI). We will also select and simulate thermal interface filler or surface coatings (OSR, black/white paint, etc.) as needed.

Standards and processes followed:

ECSS-E-ST-31C standard
ECSS-Q-ST-70-04C standard
ECSS-E-10-03A standard
NASA-STD-5000 standards series

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